The Fabric Shop

Creating art is part of my healing therapy!

You can peruse and purchase my fabric designs here: Nathalie Lesage Art Spoonflower Shop.

Art is healing and calming for me, and whenever I feel up to it, I create fabric designs.
Reducing stress is highly important for everyone. I encourage you to include time for arts & crafts in your schedule.

Do you enjoy sewing?

How about Coloring or Scrapbooking?

Having a creative outlet to help us focus on something that brings us joy is so good!

I'm often bed-ridden, but when I have some energy, I spend time on doing something positive and then I kind of forget (a bit) about my chronic illnesses. My doctors are on board with that :)

I’m very thankful to still be able to create something and feel like I still have something to contribute to this world. Art is healing!

Oh, by the way, my fabrics and wallpaper designs are all OK for Commercial use. This means that you can make all sorts of items for your business and sell your creations, etc using my fabric designs! Make sure to share your creations with me on Social Media... I'd LOVE to see what you make!!

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